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We utilize proprietary AI to help our customers achieve the best return on ad spend out of any other agency on the planet.

Strategy first marketing

We start with three simple questions
“What is your competition currently offering?”
“How would that offer affect the people you’re marketing to? ”
and ” how do we sell it better?”
The answer takes millions of simulations, running on some of the most powerful computers available.

Digital advertising powered by AI

Meet Wanda® Sneeze It’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence software that powers Google, Facebook and Instagram ads.

With Wanda® we deliver the right customers at the right time for the right cost.

Predict your creative future

Wanda® makes creative decisions that will pay off. Our customers are seeing an average of a 20% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend).

Best in class return on ad spend

Our expert marketing team will create personalized ad campaigns that run through Wanda®, which automatically optimizes your ads, driving the right prospects to your club!

Our services

Get your best solution with
Leads are good, but
revenue is better

Grow your membership base with cadence-driven marketing

Sell more in less time by changing your marketing cadence, leveraging Wanda®’s artificial intelligence, increasing your audience and optimizing your email, text and voicemail outreach.

Meet the team

Everyone at Sneeze It is customer-facing. We’re a company of designers, copywriters, project managers, digital strategists and customer success coaches – all experienced and multi-talented people, who are accustomed to working closely with our clients, capable of dealing with ever-changing digital landscapes and equipped to move fast while delivering incredible results.

David Steel

Chief Viral Officer

Dirk Bartlett

VP of Business Development

Bogdan Tabaka

Manager of Digital Strategy

Aria Savadkouei

Creative Director

Kristen Giessuebel

Graphic Designer

Alan Wargaski

CFO from Accountant

Deanna Carr

Associate Project Manager

Nate Foss

Web Developer

Nick Dunaev

Front End Developer

Renata Zerina

Web, UI/UX Design

Eugene Korobeynikov

Front end developer

Brooke Siegel

Graphic Design Manager

Breanna Creel

Copywriter/Graphic Designer

Alexey Khoziainov

Web/Motion Designer

Hannah Boles


A variety of creative capabilities under one roof

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